Dear students, parents and community members,

Welcome to your school! I am fortunate to lead the community of learners at Abbotsford Primary School. Our school has students and families from many cultures and backgrounds, as captured by our motto ‘Diversity in Learning’. I lead a team of highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers that are ‘diverse’ in their teaching approaches. The teachers I lead work together and in partnership with students and parents to ensure that everyone has opportunities for success.

I was honoured to be appointed as Principal of Abbotsford Primary School in 2013, after undertaking several different leadership roles in schools across Melbourne. I successfully completed a Bachelor of Teaching / Bachelor of Arts degree in 2004, and a Master of School Leadership in 2011. My background has been in implementing quality curriculum initiatives in schools, as well as building the capacity of teachers and leaders in the government school sector.

I lead a school that is an internationally recognised and celebrated Chinese / English bilingual school. Our school is the only primary school in Australia that offers a comprehensive and balanced Chinese/English language immersion learning approach. Additionally, our school is committed to improving the learning and wellbeing outcomes of every student in every aspect of school life. I am passionate about every student having the right to a quality education and I lead a team that constantly work towards ensuring this is the reality. The team I lead maximises the opportunities for all students for their future.

The Premier of Victoria, The Hon. Daniel Andrews and the Minister for Planning, The Hon. Richard Wynne, announced on Wednesday 31 January 2018 that our school has received $8.28 million for an upgrade. Works commenced in  April 2018 and are expected to be completed in December 2019. Our whole school will be refurbished, ensuring our school facilities and grounds match the outstanding education that our school provides.

Abbotsford Primary School is the right choice for your child if you have high expectations for their learning and social development. As I am working on a project for the Department of Education and Training in Term 4 2019, I encourage you to contact the office and arrange a time to meet with the Acting Principal, Amanda Norton-Smith, so she can show you our fantastic school in action. If you would like to participate in our school events, please email our school to receive our fortnightly newsletter so you can find the dates for our events that you are welcome join us for.

Latham Burns