Leadership team

Elizabeth Sarroff | Assistant Principal

Elizabeth commenced teaching at Abbotsford Primary School in 2011, after extensive experience teaching in other schools in Melbourne and London. Her focus had been to teach the whole school Performing Arts and Music. Elizabeth has undertaken a number of leadership roles within the school during her time at Abbotsford Primary School, leading to her successful appointment as Assistant Principal in 2016. Elizabeth continues to teach Performing Arts and Music, as well as leading several improvement initiatives across the school.

Amanda Norton-Smith | Leading Teacher

Amanda has been employed as a Leading Teacher at Abbotsford Primary School since 2016, bringing with her extensive experience in leading improvement initiatives at other schools. Amanda has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Education from Federation University Australia.  Her knowledge in outstanding approaches to teaching, specifically mathematics, led to her appointment as a sessional tutor in Mathematics education at RMIT University with Professor Dianne Siemon.

Caroline Wilkins | Business Manager

Caroline is our Business Manager and Primary Welfare Officer, with a tertiary qualification in Social Work. She has worked at Abbotsford Primary School since 2004, with extensive knowledge and experience in child welfare and psychology. Caroline added the additional portfolio of Business Manager in 2017 to extend her skills as an outstanding contributor to our school. Caroline will be one of the first people you will meet when you visit the office at Abbotsford Primary School.


Travis Demarte | Foundation English

Travis commenced at Abbotsford Primary School in 2015, with extensive experience as an educator and leader in the Catholic Education system. He is currently the Leader of Learning: English and Digital Learning. Travis is a highly diligent and effective teacher, teaching our Foundation students in the language of English. Travis enjoys researching new and effective ways of teaching literacy and developing the capacity of other teachers.

Ann Lim Lim Chew | Foundation Chinese

Ann is currently the Foundation Chinese teacher, commencing at Abbotsford Primary School in 2016 after commencing her teaching career in secondary education. Ann currently leads our Foundation transition program, ensuring that students that commence at Abbotsford Primary School adjust quickly to their new environment. Ann has qualifications in Visual Arts, incorporating creativity and imagination into the learning the students experience.

Jade Hugo | Year 1/2 English

Jade is an experienced educator, commencing at Abbotsford Primary School in 2014 after completing her Bachelor of Education at The University of Melbourne. She is a qualified Reading Recovery teacher and leads our Literacy Intervention/Extension programs. Jade is passionate about Literacy learning and incorporating The Arts into her teaching approach.

Kate Lawrie | Year 1/2 English

Kate commenced her teaching career at Abbotsford Primary School in 2015. She leads the Physical Education, Sports and Extra-Curricular programs, with qualifications in Health and Physical Education. Kate has developed deep relationship with all students across the school in her role as the Physical Education teacher. She also teaches our Year 1/2 students in the language of English, working closely with Jade Hugo in delivering a comprehensive literacy education for her students.

Hao Chen | Year 1/2 Chinese

Hao commenced teaching at Abbotsford Primary School in 2013 after completing his Bachelor of Teaching at the University of Melbourne. He has taught in the Junior School for the past four years, developing deep connections with new families at the school. Hao enjoys incorporating performing arts into his Chinese lessons, including lots of singing, dancing and puppetry work to engage students in the language of Chinese. Hao successfully integrates the Junior School curriculum into his teaching of Chinese.

Daniel Clynes | Year 3/4 English

Daniel has an extensive and distinguished career as an educator, obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Science Education at the University of Melbourne in 2009. Daniel has been a teacher at Abbotsford Primary School since 1989, undertaking a variety of leadership roles. Currently, Daniel is our Leader of Learning: Science, ensuring that all our students experience quality Science instruction. Daniel incorporates his skills in Science with his love of literature, offering students a unique learning experience.

FangNi Zhou | Year 3/4 Chinese

FangNi started her teaching career as a relief teacher, working in a variety of schools across Melbourne. She obtained a Master of Education degree from the University of Melbourne, after completing a Bachelor of Commerce. Commencing at Abbotsford Primary School as a relief teacher in 2015, then successfully being appointed a full time teacher in 2016, FangNi successfully teaches Chinese to our Year 3/4 classes. FangNi has high expectations for her students, delivering engaging Chinese lessons to maximise student participation in learning an additional language.

Ngoc Nguyen | Year 5/6 English

Ngoc has been a long standing and respected teacher at Abbotsford Primary School since 1991. Ngoc has a wealth of experience working with families from non-English speaking backgrounds, helping students and parents adapt to the language and customs of Australia. Ngoc sets very high expectations for her students in relation to their learning and respect for each other. She currently leads our Mathematics Intervention/Extension programs across the school, ensuring students have the necessary skills to be successful in Mathematics.

My Hoa Lam | Year 5/6 Chinese

My Hoa is a highly knowledgeable and experienced teacher in the language of Chinese. Since commencing as a teacher at Abbotsford Primary School in 1985, she has led the development and improvement of our Chinese learning approaches. My Hoa also coordinates our annual Chinese Moon Lantern Festival, the main community event for our school each year. As the Leader of Learning: Chinese, My Hoa provides continuous support to our Chinese teaching team and works with small groups of students to build their Chinese language skills.

Samantha Dominichi | Visual Arts

Samantha has enjoyed a successful career as a classroom teacher since beginning her career in 2010. She has worked in both the Catholic and Government school systems in Early Years classrooms. Samantha began working at Abbotsford Primary School in 2014 as a relief teacher, then successfully obtaining the position of Visual Arts teacher in 2017. She has passion and enthusiasm for students expressing themselves creatively through Visual Arts, as well as educating students on some of the finest artists in our history. 

Education support team

Lian Xue | Chinese Teacher Aide

Lian works with our Chinese classes, supporting small groups of students to learn the language of Chinese. She commenced at Abbotsford Primary School in 2016 after qualifying as a teacher. Lian also tutors students studying Chinese for their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) on weekends, as well as working as an ambassador to connect Australian schools with Chinese schools.

En Diep | Vietnamese Teacher Aide

En is currently our Receptionist and Multicultural Education Aide, supporting all families at Abbotsford Primary School since 2001. En helps our school connect with families from non-English speaking backgrounds, particularly from a Vietnamese background. She is eager to support parents in matters relating to enrolment, documentation, finances and student welfare. When you call Abbotsford Primary School, it is likely that En will be the first person you speak with!